Tune In!

Kentucky Avenue is now broadcasting our Sunday morning worship services live!   Now those who are sick or traveling can still tune in and be part of our worship services. (If you have communion supplies on hand, you can also observe communion with the rest of the congregation).

When we are not broadcasting live, previously recorded services can be heard 24/7. You can listen to our pre-recorded or live broadcast on this page, or you can find us in the Shoutcast Directory:

If your web browser supports HTML5, our broadcast (pre-recorded OR live)  May have started automatically when you came to this page.   If it did, you don’t need to do anything more to receive our live broadcast. If it did not start playing automatically, click on the player below.

If you don’t hear anything after a few seconds, you can try one of the links below. If your browser downloads these links instead of opening a player, just click on what your browser downloaded and it should open the appropriate player (i.e. playlist.asx, playlist.qtl etc.).  

Tune-In Links

Win Amp, iTunes

Windows Media Player

Real Player

Quick Time

You can also try the link below. Note:  You must have Adobe Flash enabled for this link to work.

Direct Link